Just send us the birthday's name and the name of people sending the greetings (Up to 4 names including last names for senders or up to 8 first names).

You can send pictures (up to 3 pictures) of the birthday person and sender(s) to be inserted in the video. They must be your own pictures or you have the permission to use the pictures. 

Prices per personalized music or video:

Mp3 $0.99 (regular HBD song, not personalized)

MP3 Personalized Full Music $1.99 (We make beautiful song with the name mentioned)

Video (Video and and personalized HBD song) $5

Video + we place it on our youtube (you can request it as unlisted, only your friends and family can see it with special link):  $10

We do beautiful clean full music and record organic beautiful voice(s) for your song (NOT a simple or out of tune song).

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